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Drishtanto with Moutushi

Drishtanto with Moutushi- There is probably no human on earth who doesn’t love the smile of a child. To see those everlasting innocent smiles intact, a parent can go to any extent of their abilities. Such is the case of our sweet innocent friend “Moutushi” and her parents. In her 3years old life of innocence she doesn’t have a mere idea what her parents are going through to see her healthy. The battle with blood cancer is tougher for her family which belongs to the financially weaker section of the society. But still Moutushi smiles and hope is that her doctors say they are very hopeful about her recovery as this deadly disease has been detected at an early stage. But with her family’s poor income, the path of continuing her treatment seems gloomy. We the members of DRISHTANTO visited her and promised to stand with her family in this battle to fight this disease. Our small contribution was just a drop in the ocean of the expenses that would be required in the long medical process needed to fight the disease till it loses. So we want more hands to hold and distribute the responsibility, more shoulders to strengthen the support system that her family needs, her driver father living in a rural village requires. We are thankful to almighty for being able to help you Moutushi and we promise to take this issue to every level from where we can generate help and support for you.

Facilitation Programme for the students

Facilitation Programme for the students- Every year TBSE declared the results of Madhyamik examination and also the list of top 10 place holder and various organisations facilitate them. But at Drishtanto we believe that those students who despite their financial hardship scored good results are equally eligible. With this belief Drishtanto welcomed the achievement of 11 meritorious students who were financially backward at press club of Agartala on 12th august 2018. Shri Surajit Datta , Honourable MLA of Ramnagar, Shri Piyush Kanti Sarkar, Head of Tripureshwari Vidyamandir were present at the program. Apart from facilitating the students we provided them books for their respective courses. Notebooks, pens which would help them to carry on their studies. We tried to convey the message that financial backwardness is not a burden neither It is a challenge which any student can overcome with their hard work and perseverance.

Distribution of blanket to poor and needy

Distribution of blanket to poor and needy- The members of Drishtanto distributed blankets to poor and needy homeless people who often sleeps at roadside places. This will provide them a little warmth during the harsh winter days. We are thankful to the almighty that we were given such an opportunity them a little.

Plastic, a deadly and devastating menace

Plastic waste in the earth’s environment adversely affects wildlife, environment and human beings. Plastics are inexpensive and durable, and as a result due to excessive use of plastic carry bags pollution is also high. Government of Tripura has already banned production, selling and use of plastic carry and legal action against use of plastic bags are also determined. But this ban is not practically effective at all places in the state capital as well as throughout the state. As a part of our environment related programme, several awareness campaign regarding the ban and disuse of plastic carry bags were conducted at Maharaj ganj bazaar, Battala Bazar, Durga Chowmuhani Bazar and Lake Chowmuhani Bazar area. The members of the market as well as general public gave positive response in this operation which will further encourage our endeavour.